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i’ve had this idea for a while and i have no name for it. here is the story line: 20 people go down in to deep sea in a submarine. and come to this underwater cave. and of course the cave is like a air pocket. they land there and go looking around the cave. then their submarine some how breaks down. they are stuck in a cave thousands of leagues under the sea. they are alone… or so they thought. on the walls of the cave are coral and sea weed (whatever are on coral reefs). some of the teammates think the walls are moving. but it’s a monster with the ability to make it’s back side look like a coral reef. and what it can do is it will (you know how on resident evil 4 the zombies have those flower looking mouths? they spread out in to four half’s. there is a link to the zombie i’m talking about: http://www.moviegod.de/images/galleries/images/00013/1238/1238_31733_l.jpg that’s what this monster has) wrap it’s mouth around your head put it’s worm like mouth on yours and sucks you dry. it was eat anything human. just not the skin or hair or something like that (what i’m saying is it will eat anything inside the human body. even the skeleton. and i think it should die of fresh water. because think about it. this thing has been in salt water for years or even centuries. fresh water might be like poison to it. and what this thing looks like is (already told what the mouth looked like): it doesn’t really have a body (it’s like a snake), it has two long tentacle like arms with two clawed figures, and has big orange eyes. and of course it has a lot of dark colors because it makes itself look like a coral reef. but its front half (which is the belly and the fore head etc) is a dark grayish green. so what should i call it? and DON’T give me something stupid. give me something that will either not give things away or something that will sound freaky. 10 points for the guy or gal that can give me a good title!!! thanks.